Bathing Suits For Older Women

With the wide variety of swimsuit styles out in stores today, there is absolutely no reason to compromise and settle for a bathing suit that is less than flattering to a mature woman’s figure. Buying a swimsuit that makes you look good regardless of age and body figure is just about knowing how to choose the right style to flatter your assets.

If you feel self conscious about baring too much skin, then you should buy a one piece bathing suit. There are many styles from the traditional one piece swimsuit to tankinis and dresses. If you are afraid that a single piece swimming suit is too boring, look for one with interesting lines and cutting. Try to avoid wild designs that will draw attention to problem areas, instead, go for simple elegant designs made up of bold contrasting colors and curves that slim your body.

If comfort is a concern for you, then you should look for a bathing suit with a slightly higher neckline and wider shoulder straps. Some of these swimsuits also have a shelf bra built in so accidents don’t happen while you are swimming in the water.

For those of you who are worried about your bottom being out on display, you should choose a suit that has either a skirt bottom or boy shorts styled cutting. These types of suits will help cover your bottom without looking outdated.

If you intend to relax on the beach more than swimming, then you might consider a dress. Swim dresses are very popular especially in Europe. These types of styles suit styles suit all different body types. Petite women should choose a A line style while a flowing style would suit larger figures. For a good example of a swimming dress, you should watch the music video for “Slow” by Kylie Minogue on Youtube. This is an excellent example of a swim dress that flatters and covers while still looking sexy and elegant at the same time.